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Nephos Desktop is a cloud service where you can remotely access and use your existing desktop and its applications that are running on our servers. All you need is a web-enabled device and an internet connection to do so. Ask us about this innovative and reliable technology in our website.  

Like most growing businesses, you are probably facing the problem of continuously increasing data. Consider using a reliable cloud service to keep your information secure, available, and accessible at all times. If you are new to cloud computing, there are cloud desktop service providers that can help you get started with an easy to use interface. These services can help you reduce costs on IT management while providing 24/7 IT support. Once you sign up, you can expect the following benefits of switching to cloud computing:
1. Easy and fast data migration - The migration process is easy and quicker, so you do not have to set a day aside or endure hours of downtime for data backup.
2. Less headaches for your staff and IT department - Even large companies with their own IT department use cloud services. With cloud computing, you do not have to constantly worry about losing your data in case you forget to backup your files or experience hardware failure or sun out of in-house data storage space. A cloud service can be a cost-effective data management solution for a small business, too.
3. Save money - You can reduce IT costs because there is no need to purchase additional equipment or perform software upgrades and hardware maintenance on the cloud desktop. Service providers like Nephos has a fixed fee per month, and the service is scalable according to the needs of your business.
4. Build an office network for less - Nephos Desktop is one of the best cloud services that can integrate your entire office network. This is a convenient setup if you have multiple offices or if you have employees who work remotely from the office. Everyone in the network can share data and access the files anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and web browser.

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If you are looking for reliable cloud services, be sure to contact Nephos for a solution that lets you store all your applications, desktop programmes, and company data in our secure data bank through our fully supported desktop system. Visit our website to find out more and contact us soon.  

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