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Find out how a cloud desktop can improve your productivity, make your business more efficient, and reduce IT costs. Contact Nephos Desktop to get started with a reliable cloud service that lets you access your business remotely via the internet using any web-enabled device. Our system is easy to use.  

Cloud storage allows individuals to save data and even applications online instead of relying on hardware. More and more people now rely on the cloud for reasons like convenience and quick accessibility. Most companies opt for cloud desktop to improve productivity and reduce IT hassles like syncing and file corruptions.
There are 4 major types of cloud storage available: personal, public, private, and hybrid. Personal cloud storage benefits users who usually have mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. An example of this is the iCloud, which stores all of your photos and music and other data. Personal cloud storage allows you access to all your data through your laptop or other mobile devices. Public storage—the opposite end of the spectrum—can be accessed by just anyone on the internet. 
Private storage, meanwhile, offers a special infrastructure ideal for businesses. It allows a company to share files exclusively while protecting data from outsiders. Finally, there’s hybrid cloud storage, which allows for both public and private storages. If you have a business such as photo studio, hybrid storage can be handy. Your public storage gives potential and current clients quick access to your portfolio, while private storage remains exclusive to you and your colleagues.
The problem with some cloud storage is it still requires you to download your files, which can take a while. Don’t you think it’s time to upgrade your system to cloud desktop solutions from Nephos? You can check our packages here at nephos.com.au to see which ones best suits your requirements. 
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