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Cloud Solutions

Nephos has one of the best cloud solutions for any business that would like to be more accessible any time through a mobile device and internet access. Store all your company's data, desktop, and applications in our data centre, receive reliable technical support when required, and increase your productivity now.  

Companies using cloud solutions realise that they can manage their data better and more securely while being able to establish a high-quality IT infrastructure for their business. With a private cloud, your employee can access all your business office products and other applications remotely, thereby becoming more efficient and productive.
Managed cloud hosting services can be customised to the unique needs of your organisation and its computing infrastructure. This means that the cloud solution can be designed to address specific issues in your field or industry. Service providers manage your cloud solution, so they know how you use the cloud service and can design bespoke cloud services that are easy to use and can reduce IT costs.
The best service providers of cloud solutions can help minimise your IT costs. Nephos Desktop, for instance, eliminates the need for additional expensive office computers, IT consultants, and business software. You can reduce your office size because there is no need to provide space for back office servers.
Try Nephos Desktop if you are looking for a reliable cloud solution. It lets you use your existing business applications and desktop from other devices. Your apps and business office products will run on our servers instead of your computer, so you can access them anywhere as long as you can log in via the internet. Our service comes with reliable technical and customer support, and you can call us any time for assistance.

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